Olof 1982
Sharp and Dapper Y style shirt stays

Sharp and Dapper Y style shirt stays

Hidden beneath your trousers, they make sure that your socks will never slip down and - most importantly - your shirt will stay tucked in the whole day.

Our Y-Style+ Shirt Stays are a step up from our 4 Strap version. With three clips attaching to your shirt and one to your sock, your shirt will be even more securely tucked in place all day.

We like to explain where to attach the clips by using a watch face.

Attach right leg clips at 1, 2.30 and 4.30. Left leg 11, 9.30 and 7.30.

Don't forget to use the adjuster to get the most comfortable wear out of your Shirt Stays.

*Comes in a set of two. One "strap" per leg

*Handmade in England

*White Bronze clips

*Rubber fastener which is gentle to the fabrics on the Shirt and Socks

29 EUR