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Fusion Army tweed messenger bag

Fusion Army tweed messenger bag

The two bags listed are Fusion Originals ("Original" is the style, other sized bags coming soon) by Fusion Army. They are 100% handmade in England.
They are 100% pure wool with pure wool linings. The brass fittings are solid brass and made in Wales.
The bags have an adjustable, an approximately 127cm (50 inches) cross body strap, 5 pockets and a twin pen sleeve.

A few words from the founder of the brand:

Now in its second year, Fusion Army is a small but growing sartorial accessories brand from Jonathan Wall. Based in Devon, England, Jonathan became enamoured of the exquisite cloths that surrounded him on a day to day basis whilst working for a leading cloth merchant in England. It opened his eyes to something which fuelled his passion for aesthetics on both a tactile and a visual front. Frequent trips to Savile Row opened his eyes to the fineries that went both in and out of tailors and haberdashers in the area.

Having been born blessed a creative soul, thoughts began to take shape and, slowly but surely, the Fusion Original bag was born. "I think, in some respects, it was born somewhat out of necessity. Just trying to find a bag that was a bit special but that allowed me to carry my laptop, tablet, pen, paper and the daily essentials with me was what lead the design element. Of course there are thousands of bags out there too so taking elements I liked from brands big and small and finding out what worked and what didn't eventually lead me to the final version."

"All the cloths I use are made in the British Isles. The brass hardware is made by a small company in Wales. The bags are made here in Devon by a small team. It was important to me from the outset that I use British resources for as many of the elements that make up the Fusion products as possible. The bags are practical, being a great size for every day, grab and go bags but they are more than that. Each bag is handmade. It is nurtured into existence. There is care and attention and, dare I say it, even love in what we are producing. Someone even called them a "work of art" which is, perhaps, a little extreme, but I hope they are a little different. Something that people ask about, comment on, admire."

180 EUR