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About us

This shop is the the extended arm of the Instagram account Olof1982.
Our founder has during the last years been in the service of style as an editor, freelance writer and creative consultant.
There has been a thought and idea that some time ago started as a seed and for the last year has had lots of sun and water and finally grown into a plant.
The project is still on an early stage and the plant is small and green and we have no idea how it will look and what colors the flowers will have. But that´s fine and a part of the charm. The project and collection will therefore grow and develop over time.

Everything started with three fundamental things. 
First a starting point in material. We love fabrics and cloths and always start with this. When we see a beautiful 
fabrics we start to think about what we can make out of it?
We therefore start to source the fabrics and after this decide what will be made out of it.

The next thing are collaborations with creative and talented artists. We ask painters, illustrators, graphic designers and creative and genius souls from all over the world to create designs for our pocket squares, scarfs and bandanas.

Finally its craftsmanship and quality. We only work with skilled people and factories that produces high quality goods. Since our business model is not based on wholesale we can also offer a very appealing price/quality ratio and can honestly say that there are many other brands that produce there goods in the same factories and charge far more for a similar product.

Tweed & Flannel and the foxes
During the development of this collection two phenomenon appeared. There are lots of foxes invovled. Why?
Simply beacuse we love almost everything about foxes. 
But we also are very found of tweed and flannel. During this process we have also created the hashtag #tweedandflannel and would be happy if you all share and tag your photos wearing our goods.

Company information
Olof1982 is owned and operated by Tweed och Flanell i Väst AB, which is registered under the Swedish Companies Registration Office and the Swedish Tax Agency as a limited company. VAT number SE556647825001. Our registered tax address is Månsagårdsvägen 38, 439 36 Onsala, Sweden.